APRIL 27-29


Print & Sign! · Permission Slip

Council Flyer


  • BSA handbook
    (keep in a plastic bag)
  • mess kit
  • sleeping bag
  • flashlight
  • shoes, boots
  • 2 pair socks
  • pants
  • fleece pullover
  • underwear
  • long sleeve shirt
  • light coat
  • compass, camera
  • Additional needs will be discussed at the preparation meeting for the trip


Join scouts from all over our Council and participate in a full weekend of Viking themed games, competitions and skits. This year will include “Capture the Banner” & Archery for all!!  All events are Troop/Patrol based from 4 to 10 scouts per patrol.  Units may have more than one patrol.  Adults & Leaders will be encouraged to participate and compete at all events!

Spring Camporee 2018 is sponsored, designed and staffed by your local Order of the Arrow, Waupecan Lodge 197, Aschewagon Chapter.

Banners: One blank banner will be supplied to each Patrol Friday night.  Patrols have until Saturday evening to finalize adornments to their banner with whatever they would like.  These will be judged by staff at the closing campfire, based on creativity & adaptability.  Patrols may only use the banners supplied to them by staff Friday night.  Pre-made banners will not be judged.

All paid attendees will receive an exclusive Spring Camporee 2018 patch.

Cost: $31 for Scouts, and $29 for Adults

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