Kalamazoo Air Zoo



MARCH 16-18


Print & Sign! · Permission Slip


  • BSA handbook
    (keep in a plastic bag)
  • mess kit
  • sleeping bag
  • flashlight
  • shoes, boots
  • 2 pair socks
  • pants
  • fleece pullover
  • underwear
  • long sleeve shirt
  • light coat
  • compass, camera
  • Additional needs will be discussed at the preparation meeting for the trip


Scouts attending this campout that have not earned the Aviation MB must enroll in the Merit Badge Class. (15 scouts min. required) Museum Fee is INCLUDED with the merit badge fee. Boy Scouts will complete all the requirements for the Aviation Merit Badge during this fun and engaging day of exploring the history and science behind flight. Investigate the forces of flight and the control surfaces of an airplane while touring the Air Zoo's amazing collection of aircraft and specialized wind tunnel. Make, fly, and modify your own take-home glider. The class would take 3 to 4 hours, leaving the rest of the day to explore the museum.

Lodging: This will be the last cabin campout of the season. The Troop will be staying in the Oaks Cabin at Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation in Kalamazoo, just 15 minutes away from the museum. At Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation you will find over 199 acres of beautiful terrain dotted with oak, pine, maple, cedar and poplar. Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation has frontage on Bass Lake and Scouter’s Pond, where fish and wildlife are plentiful.

Cost: Checkout the signup sheet at the Troop meeting for campout costs, museum & merit badge fees.

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